Thanks for stopping by.

I have spent a lot of time over the years consuming and acting upon other people’s content. Especially the smaller blogs, where individuals tell their stories and pour out their souls – sharing golden nuggets of information for the benefit of others.

Although I never want to stop learning from others, I want to give something back. We are all individuals, after all, and every single one of us has something of value we can share with the community.

That’s what I love about the Internet – it connects like minded people together. I want to join the growing number of individuals blogging about their journey towards financial independence. That’s exactly what motivates me at the moment, and the reason I am starting this blog.

As well as wanting to share my own ideas and experiences, I want to feel part of a community. I want to get to know others blogging in this space. I want to contribute to their efforts. I would like to make new friends.

So please stay tuned and have a little patience. I am new to blogging and have a lot to learn. I need encouragement and guidance and will take it wherever I can!

Welcome to Fork my Crumble.