About Me

Hi, I’m Fork. That’s not my real name of course – but it fits well with the name of the blog 🙂 I choose to remain anonymous in order to share more personal information than I otherwise would.

I’m currently 45 years old and living in the East of England with my wife (Mrs FmC). I work full time as a network engineer but have become despondent of working for a large multinational corporation which doesn’t seem to care for its people.

I have learnt to appreciate that time (coupled with good health of course) is the most precious thing in our lives – not material possessions or money in the bank. Over the past decade, I have gravitated towards minimalism, improving my general health and mindfulness.

I am currently on a mission of FIRE. The rough plan at this stage is to retire by the age of 50. I am not yet sure how that is going to happen so one of the goals of this blog is to document my journey. I hope it will prove interesting and perhaps even help one or two people.