August 2018 status update

Time for August’s status update..


I recently wrote a post Drinkers Like Me which was a public acknowledgement to the problem I have with alcohol. Despite feeling like a negative thing to do at the time, publishing that article has really helped me address the issue in my own head. It’s early days yet but things have greatly improved since – I am far more conscious of the drinks I consume and the impact they are having on my health and wellbeing. I even went for a run this morning which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Mrs FmC has been busy with her DogBuddy side hustle and we have decided to funnel more of that money into weekends away rather than on lots of booze to drink at home, which had become the norm in recent months. I’ve just booked a long weekend trip to the seaside later this month which we’re both really looking forward to.

I managed to gain a little weight during August so am still struggling to lose the final few kilos needed to reach my goal. You can track the current figure on my Now page. With the current focus on drinking less I am determined to make progress in September!

Another perfect month of closing all my Activity rings – the 8th consecutive month!

I managed 4 runs in August which is 3 more than I managed in July 😉 Still room for improvement though.


I’m pleased to report that I paid off the money I owed my parents last month! That just leaves our winter holiday bill which is due by the end of this month.

I continue to invest money in Bitcoin each week and purchased a further £1,150 worth during August. Coinbase’s support of UK Faster Payments has made this so effortless now, it’s just fab.

I started each-way betting (on horse racing) towards the end of July. I started small with 50p each-way (i.e. £1 per bet) for the first 4 weeks and then doubled up to £1 each way (i.e. £2 per bet) for the last 2 weeks of the month. Things seem to be working as I made £138.82 in August alone! I’ve just this week significantly increased my bets to £5 each way (i.e. £10 per bet!) and can’t wait to see how I fair in September! I just hope my £1,000 float survives 🙂

I saved £1,619.30 of the £5,534.52 I earned during August resulting in a savings rate of 29.3%. The reason this appears so low is the way I budget with YNAB – salary received in the current month always feeds the budget of the following month, so I expect a more impressive figure next month!

My SIPP grew by a whopping £11,728.14 – almost double last month’s figure!

ISA1 grew by £2,642.70 and ISA2 by £995.64 (£3,638.34 combined).

P2P loans brought in £158.11 of interest.

Each-way betting made £138.82.

Net worth estimate is now as follows:

House equity £300,000
Pension £238,311.84
Savings £75,694.57
Total £614,006.41 (+1.63%)

How was August for you?

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