September 2018 status update

Time for September’s status update..


Despite for a slight mishap weekend when we visited the seaside a few weeks ago for a long weekend, my drinking has improved. So much so that Mrs FmC and I are taking part in Go Sober for October. Go us!

My weight is still on the increase, which wasn’t the plan, but the long weekend away didn’t help. Since stopping drinking I’m finding myself snacking more – something I need to watch.

Another perfect month of closing all my Activity rings – the 9th consecutive month!

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Drinkers Like Me

It’s Bank Holiday Monday and I feel like shit. I felt exactly the same yesterday morning. It’s all too familiar.

I don’t have a drink problem but I do have a problem with drink.

And it has got to stop.

I tried doing something about it a few months ago, and wrote about it here. It was a short-lived attempt and I’ve slipped back into my old ways, as I always do.

I enjoy drinking and could never imagine living my life without. But unless I develop some self-control, it has so many negative side effects that it just can’t go on. I simply don’t seem to know when enough is enough.

The first drink is always the best. When you’ve had a busy day and you look forward to that first sip of cold beer straight from the fridge. You can’t beat it! But the second one is pretty good too, so I have another.

That is really where it should stop if I’m being honest. In fact, when I talk to my wife about cutting back on alcohol – it’s the magic number we often agree should be the limit. Just 2 drinks. Any drinks – even doubles – just 2 drinks. But it never happens.

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Black Friday

So today is Black Friday. As if you didn’t already know! We have been bombarded with Black Friday adverts for what feels like weeks already.

We need to talk, Black Friday.

I’m not exactly sure how to say this …

But this year I refuse to take part.

In previous years I have scoured the internet for much of the day intent on finding the ultimate bargain. I bought things that I thought I needed as well as things I definitely didn’t need. It gave me satisfaction which was short lived. That in itself is a clue to it being unnecessary.

No means no—OK, Black Friday? No means no.

I will not be manipulated to buy things I don’t really want or need.

But I have pretty much everything I need in life and am determined to be mindful with any new purchases. I am starting to declutter superfluous belongings in my home – and one of the obvious prerequisites has got to be stopping new things entering through the front door in the first place!

I also think that the majority of Black Friday deals are a scam. It is rare that you find exactly what you were looking for (i.e. something you had pre-planned to purchase, but decided to wait in case of discount opportunity). For those things that you do need (or purchase regularly) I find patience and using services such as camelcamelcamel are far more effective for buying at the lowest price possible.


Quotes from No, means no, Black Friday. No means no. by Lindsey Burgess.


Thanks for stopping by.

I have spent a lot of time over the years consuming and acting upon other people’s content. Especially the smaller blogs, where individuals tell their stories and pour out their souls – sharing golden nuggets of information for the benefit of others.

Although I never want to stop learning from others, I want to give something back. We are all individuals, after all, and every single one of us has something of value we can share with the community.

That’s what I love about the Internet – it connects like minded people together. I want to join the growing number of individuals blogging about their journey towards financial independence. That’s exactly what motivates me at the moment, and the reason I am starting this blog.

As well as wanting to share my own ideas and experiences, I want to feel part of a community. I want to get to know others blogging in this space. I want to contribute to their efforts. I would like to make new friends.

So please stay tuned and have a little patience. I am new to blogging and have a lot to learn. I need encouragement and guidance and will take it wherever I can!

Welcome to Fork my Crumble.