December 2018 status update

Time for the last status update of the year..


This post is a little later than usual because I’ve been away on holiday. And what a holiday it was! We went to Riviera Maya (near Cancun) in Mexico, for a thoroughly indulgent 14-day all-inclusive break covering both Christmas and New Year. It was wonderful! Lazy days spent eating, drinking and sunbathing (with an average daily temperature in the high 20’s). And very little else. Bliss!

But I’m back home now – along with a healthy tan, my first attempt at a beard and an additional 3.6kg in weight 🙂 So the first thing I’ve done is revise my weight goal – I want to get back to my pre-holiday weight (78kg) by the end of March.

I didn’t manage a single run in December, which isn’t very good. But I did manage another perfect month of closing my Activity rings on my Apple Watch though – making a perfect year! Yay!


Oh dear. That pretty much sums up my finances for December. Not a good time to be invested 100% in US equities – as you will see from the numbers below!

I continue to invest money in Bitcoin each week and purchased a further £1,250 worth during December. The sideways market continues unabated.

December was another crap month for each-way betting – mainly because I only did it for 2 weeks.

I managed to save £1,841.90 – the only good news this month!

My SIPP decreased by a staggering £19,870.22 🙁

ISA1 decreased by £1,916.17 and ISA2 by £3,940.55 (£5,856.72 combined) 🙁

P2P loans brought in absolutely no interest! (every one of my loans is now in default)

Each-way betting made £117.52.

Net worth estimate is now as follows:

House equity £250,000
Pension £208,876.89
Savings £76,056.94
Total £534,933.83 (-3.71%)

How was December for you?


  1. That’s a healthy looking net worth, in spite of the slight drop in total!

    Inspirational : )

    Keep shifting that holiday gut, mate! I’m working on mine too this month.

    All the best for the coming year.


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