Excited about a property

Our plan for early retirement has remained the same for the past decade or so. To move to the Kent coast and live out the rest of our days by the sea. To go for morning runs along the cliffs, to have everything on our doorstep and not need a car. To experience the overcrowded summers and the quiet winters. To become part of a real community and make new friends.

This first came about watching an episode of Location, Location, Location nearly a decade ago. It featured a London based family hoping to find their perfect property in the beautiful seaside town of Broadstairs. I knew nothing about the area at the time, but on that day a seed was sown. One that would lead to us becoming very familiar with this town (and the surrounding area), and wanting to move there ourselves one day.

Our rough plan has always been to continue saving towards FIRE until the target date of August 2022. That’s a few months away from my 50th birthday (it has become psychologically important for me to retire at the age of 49, for some reason).

As part of this plan, the sensible approach would be to sell our current house and move into a temporary rental property in Kent. We would then be cash buyers and ideally positioned to quickly respond to new properties coming onto the market.

Mrs FmC and I have spent years browsing properties for sale in the area. And over the past year or two, we have become increasingly frustrated with our current lives. Neither of us is getting any younger and we have felt that we are simply killing time, dreaming of a future life that still seems too far out of reach.

And then it happened. A few days ago we found the perfect property on Rightmove. We couldn’t get it out of our heads. It was in our preferred location, was freehold and even included a retail unit on the ground floor that we could generate a bit of rental income from (or later convert to extend the residential portion above). It appears to be perfect.

This morning I phoned the estate agent and have made an appointment to view the property on Saturday morning. Excited is not the word!

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