July 2018 status update

Time for July’s status update – sadly not as positive as last month’s, but here we go anyway..


After completing Dry June I seem to have lost the plot during July and over compensated by drinking way too much! So much so that I’m seriously considering another dry month – we’ll see. I just don’t seem to be able to drink in moderation, and my sleep is really suffering as a result (and all the other knock-on effects such as not doing any running).

My end-of-July weight ended up being the same as my end-of-June weight, so I’ll blame the alcohol for that too! Must try harder in August.

Another perfect month of closing all my Activity rings though – the 7th consecutive month!

I only managed to log one run in July, and the #walk1000miles challenge has been officially abandoned due to Mrs FmC’s ongoing heel pain 🙁


I haven’t repaid any more of my parents’ loan and neither have I paid for our big holiday. Both are due late next month and I’m on track to have the money available. Looking forward to clearing them both.

Following this recent post I started investing in Bitcoin during July. So far £850 has been exchanged with a current value of £892. This is for informational purposes only and I won’t be including it in my savings/net worth figures.

I managed to save £1,206.60 of the £3,605.48 I earned during July resulting in a savings rate of 33.5%.

My SIPP grew by £5,416.69.

ISA1 grew by £1,192.02 and ISA2 by £864.28 (£2,056.30 combined).

P2P loans brought in £147.56 of interest.

Net worth estimate is as follows:

House equity £300,000
Pension £226,583.70
Savings £77,551.28
Total £604,134.98 (+0.57%)

How was July for you?

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