June 2018 status update

We are just back from a lovely weeks holiday in North Wales (we climbed Snowdon!), so I am feeling suitable refreshed and ready to post a status update for June! 🙂

The only status updates I have previously posted were for Jan and Feb of this year – which is not good enough. I still don’t know what format they should take, but rather than worry about that, I’ll just get on with it and assume they will slowly take shape as I get into a more regular routine of posting updates!


I’m proud to have completed Dry June! I enjoyed my first beer after arriving in Bangor for our holiday on the 1st July (at my 139th unique Wetherspoon’s). Since then I’ve slipped into old habits and have been drinking far too much in recent days. I am actually looking forward to returning to work tomorrow and going back to a more disciplined routine!

Weight-wise, June saw me drop 3.2kg to 76.6kg edging every closer to my target weight of 75kg. Sadly I think the week’s holiday will have undone that progress in July! Back to the Huel this week, me thinks.

Another perfect month of closing all my Activity rings – the 6th consecutive month!

I’ve also started running again. Baby footsteps to start with – I’m aiming for 2 runs of 5km each week, which I managed for the last 2 weeks of the month. I’m using the run/walk method with a 4:1 ratio.

The #walk1000miles challenge has been on-hold for the last 6 weeks (due to Mrs FmC having bad heel pains). After a fair amount of walking in Wales I am hoping we are back on track now. It’s nice to know we haven’t yet fallen behind on our mileage tracker though:


I managed to pay back half of the £9K loan I borrowed from my parents (as mentioned here). This wasn’t the plan at all but ongoing cashflow problems (due to problematic Lendy loans) were the cause. I asked for a 3 month extension for the remaining balance, which my parents kindly agreed.

Another big expense coming up is the outstanding balance on our end-of-year holiday. £5,600 is due by 29 Sep and this is currently Priority 1 in terms of cashflow. I have warned Mrs FmC that this is likely to be the last ‘frivolous’ holiday before our FI date (the cost of this holiday still makes my eyes water but I’m sure it will be fun when the time comes).

I’ll be glad when these 2 ‘debts’ are out of the way, as I hate owing money!

I managed to save £1,301.38 of the £3,796.28 I earned during June resulting in a saving rate of 34.3%. This is the first time I have calculated this figure and will be tracking it going forward. It includes only salary payments from my full time job (I get paid fortnightly) and no other income sources. The amount saved is how much I have managed to assign to my YNAB “Savings” category by the end of the month (this is the simplest way I can think of doing it as I use the envelope budgeting system).

My SIPP grew by £3,029.19.

ISA1 grew by £628.91 and ISA2 by £264.93 (£893.84 combined).

P2P loans brought in £188.42 of interest.

Net worth estimate is as follows:

House equity £300,000
Pension £221,167
Savings £79,551
Total £600,718

Again, this is the first time I have calculated net worth and it is exciting to see that it’s over £600K! The value of our house has been assumed and will likely remain constant for the purposes of these status updates.

Crypto holdings are not included as they are simply too volatile, although I will highlight any profits taken in future updates to help explain any material increase to savings etc.

So how does that look for a more transparent status update attempt? Is there anything else you think I should be including? I would love to hear your thoughts!










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