Legal contract pack review

It seems like ages have passed since our mortgage offer was received. Back at that stage we were told that the next step would be to request the relevant searches. They would be due by 20th March (we decided not to pay extra to have them expedited). At which point our conveyancer would undertake a thorough review of the legal contract pack and search results, send pre-contract enquiries to the seller’s solicitor and provide us with reports on all the documentation.

On Monday I sent an email to our solicitor requesting an update, as the 20th date had now passed and we were getting anxious (having waited patiently for over a month). No reply.

No reply on Tuesday either. This is odd, I thought. Our solicitor was usually quick to reply.

So on Wednesday morning I tried a second email, thinking I would have to pickup the phone as the next option and start chasing. And then bingo!

An email arrived with 9 separate attachments. Included was all the documentation we were expecting – search results, land registry details, the lease agreement, details on ground rent and service charges, our solicitor’s feedback and pre-contract enquiries that had already been sent to the seller’s solicitor.

Shortly after I received another email apologising for not replying to my first email – which had apparently not been received (unlikely, I thought).

I spent the rest of the day reading and studying the various documents. Although there are a few points that we would still like clarified, we are super relieved to discover no show stoppers in the lease agreement. We are even allowed a pet! (something we thought might be prohibited) The only slightly disappointing clause is that we would not be allowed to rent out a room (e.g. Airbnb) or take on a lodger. This was something we had discussed a few times – as a possible additional income stream once retired. But now that we know that won’t be possible, it’s actually a bit of a relief (Mrs FmC & I like our privacy too much!).

The accompanying letter from our solicitor ended with this:

Next Steps

>> The seller’s solicitors to provide satisfactory replies to the pre-contract enquiries (refer to the enclosed)
>> Once we receive satisfactory replies to the pre-contract enquiries we can then start to discuss potential completion dates.

Super excited!

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