No news is good news

No, really.

Around a month ago, I decided to give up on news. Much of my day was wasted consuming news. During the working day, I would follow @BBCBreaking on Twitter and constantly click on my BBC News browser bookmark.

I would pride myself on being bang up to date on major events occurring in the world – often before others around me knew anything of them.

After work I would often make a point of turning over to the news at 18:00 (when I typically eat my dinner). Sometimes even the 22:00 news too – habits (I am quite sure) that have been subconsciously passed on from both my parents and grandparents.

But Mrs FmC has always been the complete opposite. She avoids the news and has no interest in watching it. I can now understand why.

Let’s face it – there is rarely any good news. Most of it is negative and depressing. From Brexit scaremongering to terrorist related atrocities, the typical news is doing us no favours.

The other thing I realised is that none of this news is relevant to me as an individual. I am not missing out as a result of not knowing. I feel relieved.

I did worry at first of appearing ignorant to others due to this change in habit. But then I remembered from Brené Brown’s excellent book Braving the Wilderness (which I just finished) that it’s OK to stand alone. I am an individual and proud of who I am.

So although I am still subject to news bulletins on the radio and various other sources – I am very happy with my choice to cut down on exposure to news. It has definitely made me feel happier.


  1. Hey Fork!

    I had to stop by after seeing the name of your blog was almost as weird as mine (but way better).

    I’m in total agreement on the news. Unfortunately, I live in the States. And it’s nearly impossible for me to tear my eyes away from the trainwreck that seems to be American politics nowadays. I have to get better at that though. You’re right, it’s all only depressing… because that’s what gets eyeballs in a 24-hour news cycle. And it’s almost a complete waste of my time.

    I look forward to many more posts to come!


    1. Hi Adam – thanks for stopping by! I had to chuckle when I read the name of your blog too, very cool 🙂 I was very excited to even receive a comment – you’ve made my weekend! I’m so new at this and have so little content – but time will hopefully fix that.

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