November 2018 status update

Time for November’s status update, which I warn you now, is a little bit negative


I’m feeling a bit down with stuff at the moment. So I’m going to open my heart a little and have a good whinge!

This blog is not currently doing it for me. All I’ve managed in recent months is this monthly update – which is not good enough. I need to have a serious think about what I can do to improve things. I think the answer is to be less clinical and more spontaneous/casual in my writing style. Say what’s on my mind more often. Get more enjoyment from it. If you have any ideas that might help me I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

My 75kg weight goal just isn’t happening either, so I’ve given up on that for now. It’s just over 2 weeks to our all-inclusive holiday to Mexico, and I see little point in worrying about health goals until we return.

Similarly, my running hasn’t amounted to much. Although I did manage 4 runs in November (which is the same as October).

Drinking has been bad again especially considering Mrs FmC and I have both had colds this month. For some reason, we thought drinking copious amounts of port each night would act as the perfect medicine! We are great at kidding ourselves when it comes to justifying alcohol consumption.

Another perfect month of closing Apple Watch Activity rings though – the 11th consecutive month! Only 1 more to do before I can stop being quite so obsessed with what has frequently become a tedious daily chore.


It’s been a crap month for my finances. Mainly because of a crazy situation that occurred at the beginning of November involving us bidding on an auction property! That deserves a separate post of its own. But needless to say, I ended up cashing out both ISAs and scraping together all my liquid assets to cover the cost, only for us to pull out at the last moment due to a number of legal concerns. In hindsight we learned an awful lot from this experience – the main one being not to sell all your equities just after a market correction!

Luckily, the Vanguard ISA was of the flexible type – meaning I could return the funds without affecting this year’s allowance. Sadly my IWeb ISA (where the majority of savings were stored) was not, meaning I could only return £20K – i.e. this year’s allowance 🙁 Not good.

But this has led me to open a Marcus account and keeping a £10K emergency fund for the first time. I think this is probably a good idea going forward.

I continue to invest money in Bitcoin each week and purchased a further £750 worth during November. But the crypto markets have returned to free-fall mode again and I’ve already lost around £2,000 since I started back in July. Despite this, I remain confident with my long-term strategy.

November was crap in terms of each-way betting – compared with October anyway.

I managed to save £2,465.03.

My SIPP increased by £4,152.90.

ISA1 increased by £502.13 and ISA2 by £685.57 (£1,187.70 combined).

P2P loans brought in a paltry £3.28 of interest! Every one of my loans is now in default 🙁

Each-way betting made £132.70 – I blame this on having all the decent accounts gubbed now, including Bet365 🙁

Net worth estimate is now as follows:

House equity £250,000 (I’ve revised this down by £50K to ensure it remains realistic in future calculations)
Pension £228,434.61
Savings £77,106.58
Total £555,541.19 (-8.06%) (because of the £50K house correction, otherwise it would be +0.23%)

How was November for you?


  1. It’s a shame to hear that you’re not enjoying the blog at the moment. It’s meant to be a fun hobby! Hopefully writing with more spontaneity will help to bring back the spark.

    With Christmas coming up, surely everyone’s health goals get put on the back burner until the new year! I have grand plans to start running and exercising more, but with all the travel and gluttony coming up, I’ve decided to just accept that I’m going to be unhealthy for another few weeks.

    Can I ask who you use for your P2P loans? I recently opened a RateSetter account, but I may be more cautious in depositing too much at once after reading that all of your loans are in default!

    1. Hi Dr FIRE.

      My P2P loans are with Lendy. I should have known that 12% returns were not sustainable! But I didn’t expect such a high failure rate and for my money to be tied up doing nothing for so long. As it happens, they sent an email to me today apologising for some of the loan recovery delays – I get the impression they have received a lot of complaints (and bad press) about it.

      I don’t think you’ll have the same issues with RateSetter. I recently opened an account with them too.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hey! Great news re the updates. I have been quietly enjoying the blog for some time and I would love for you to create more content.

    I think looking more into the personal side of things you mentioned. Exploring additional topics and simply your life journey would be fantastic to read.


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