Pick a solicitor, any solicitor

Well that was easy. After doing a bit of reading, I discovered there was no real benefit to choosing a local solicitor for conveyancing duties. So I decided to pluck one out of thin air.

I had bookmarked the site reallymoving (full of useful tips for anyone going through the house buying/selling process) and filled in the details to obtain a bunch of conveyancing quotes. These got sent to me via email, at which point I started reading reviews about the various companies and balancing this against their quoted prices.

In the end I settled on RMNJ Solicitors as their quote seemed reasonable and the average reviews that I had read favourable. Their quote looked like this:

I am hoping things will go smoothly and I don’t regret my decision to use them. It’s difficult to know (without personal experience or trusted recommendations) who you should go with. It’s not something most people need very often..

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