September 2018 status update

Time for September’s status update..


Despite for a slight mishap weekend when we visited the seaside a few weeks ago for a long weekend, my drinking has improved. So much so that Mrs FmC and I are taking part in Go Sober for October. Go us!

My weight is still on the increase, which wasn’t the plan, but the long weekend away didn’t help. Since stopping drinking I’m finding myself snacking more – something I need to watch.

Another perfect month of closing all my Activity rings – the 9th consecutive month!

I managed 5 runs in September which is 1 more than I managed in August. So the trend is in the right direction..


I’ve finally paid off our forthcoming holiday! Whoop whoop. But only on the credit card – so it will be a few weeks before that debt is properly out of the way.

The next goal is to start building an emergency fund. I have definitely learnt the hard way that having plenty of cash on hand can be immensely handy at times.

I continue to invest money in Bitcoin each week and purchased a further £1,000 worth during September.

Each-way betting has started paying real dividends since upping my bets to £5 each-way (i.e. £10 per bet), so I’m really excited about that. On 1st October I started on my (maximum) £10 each-way (i.e. £20 per bet) so hope the good luck continues.

I managed to save a record £3,495.43 which has helped offset the negative stock market performance.

My SIPP dropped by £1,354.12 – what a difference a month can make 🙁

ISA1 dropped by £374.63 and ISA2 by £48.65 (£423.28 combined).

P2P loans brought in £145.15 of interest.

Each-way betting made £2,033.06 – cowabunga! 🙂

Net worth estimate is now as follows:

House equity £300,000
Pension £236,957.72
Savings £81,977.82
Total £618,935.54 (+0.8%)

How was September for you?


  1. Wow on the EW betting! I’ve just started this and just about breaking even on £2 EW or £1 for odds over 15. I’m thinking maybe my parameters are out…? Are you placing the same amount at all odds? How many roughly in a day?

    Great news on the drinking too, that’s something to really be proud of, wish I could say the same 😕

    1. Those results were based on a fixed £5 EW for any odds. Number of bets averaged 20/day (I bet all 7 days most weeks). I’ve gone up to my max £10 EW as of October so it will be interesting to see if I can beat last month’s total.

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